Caroling by Candlelight - 2017 | Featuring Dungannon Blvd in Autumn Hall

It’s such a fun time of year, one of our favorites I would say... We are those people that start playing Christmas music as soon November comes and keep it on until radio stations return to regular programming.  Haha  

We had a listing this holiday season, in Autumn Hall.  We’re always trying to think outside the box of ways that will highlight our home and get it in front of people that could potentially be or know a buyer!  With the holidays approaching, we had the wild idea to go caroling around the neighborhood so we could meet everybody and top it off by hosting a cocktail reception so everyone could see the beautiful home!

Now, as soon as the words were said, we both got super excited about it!  We started planning right away, and within a couple weeks had recruited Molly Darden from the duo Staghorn Starlings (we’re proud to call her family) to lead the songs since we can barely carry a tune in a bucket. We also hand delivered invitations and candles to every home in Autumn Hall... what we couldn’t have imagined is that this would be as fun as the caroling!  We so enjoyed getting to know the neighborhood and seeing all of the gorgeous homes (as impeccable inside as they are on the exterior, might I add).  The decorations, and the parties that were taking place... it brought such joy to us to experience.  We had many great conversations, and were invited into several homes which made us feel an even stronger connection to this neighborhood.  It is one where friendships and community are strong, and enjoying life to the fullest is a priority!  We learned that they often gather in Arbor Park in the evenings with their wine, and just hang out with each other for a while... whoever comes, comes - it’s not really a planned event.  And there’s a fire pit in one of the smaller parks that a house full of teenagers was enjoying after a week full of studying and exams.  There were at least 4 families that had moved to new houses within the neighborhood — and the neighborhood has not even been around that long — I remember it launching a few years after I moved here, and I was in love with it just from the original plans!  I think that having families move internally says a lot about what a special place it is.  And... the fact that they love it so much means they tell everyone about it, which is exactly what we wanted them to do after seeing our fantastic listing! 

The evening we spent caroling and spending time with neighbors at the house was a great success, and it warmed our hearts to have such a fantastic response from the event!  So watch the videos, and share in the fun!  Be on the lookout for more fun happenings throughout the year, and see where we go caroling in 2018... We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

And of course, if you know anyone that may like to make Autumn Hall their home (not to mention a drool-worthy, brand spanking new house!)... send them our way!  We’d love to give them a personal tour.  

                                                                                                                                     Happy Holidays! 

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