HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Let’s Make 2018 Spectacular

Well friends, I don’t know about you, but for us, 2017 went by in a flash!  We have big plans for 2018 though, and are super excited to get started with them!  We have lots of great things in store, and we hope you’ll follow along and share our story... the more people we can reach, the better our year will be!  Part of our goals this year is to impact an incredible number of people and families.  We have big plans that will allow us to continue making even more memorable experiences for our clients as they see their real estate dreams come to life!



Here’s a hint of just a few things we have in store... 

  • We are proud to have partnered with Habitat for Humanity for 2018 and will be assisting with their acquisitions.  Because we are more than transacations, we also look forward to sharing their story and the stories of the families we get to help in our work with them.  Be on the lookout for invitations to come work on builds with us!  
  • We are committed to really making our blog the resource we have talked about creating since we started our firm.  We are fortunate to be involved with many different groups and industries in the community, plus we’re foodies, so we know a lot that’s happening around town and are making it our mission to share that with you more!  Everyone we talk to has encouraged us, and it’s been hard to make the time, but this year, that is part of our plan that we will be working on!  So keep checking back or subscribe to have fun excerpts delivered to you directly!    
  • We have lots of great listings coming up.... so be sure to subscribe to our email list or keep checking back to stay in the loop! 
  • Our main point, is that we are are focusing on rolling out a lot of things that have been in the works for a while... What this means for you and our clients, is that things are going to be very exciting to watch around here!!! We really want to create a following that is passionate about making  life a #fullcircleexperience ... we hope you’ll join us on our adventures, celebrate with all of the people we introduce to you, and join in the comradary and community that our sweet place we get to call home has to offer!  

Let’s make 2018 Spectacular y’all!  Cheers!


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