Debunking Myths About the HOME BUYING PROCESS


Considering buying a home? Let us arm you with all the facts needed to find the best agent to help you navigate your home buying journey.

MYTH: A buyer’s agent is expensive.

FACT: When listing a property, the seller agrees to pay a percentage to cover both the listing agent and buyer’s agent commissions. If you think going directly to a listing agent will somehow get you a better deal, think again. Not only will the seller still be paying the same amount in commissions, but now you’ve put your money into the hands of the agent who works for the seller. The listing agent has been hired by the sellers to represent them and have their best interests in mind, not yours. It costs you nothing to use your own agent, but you gain peace of mind that someone is working diligently to represent and protect your best interests.


MYTH: The only way to get more information about the house is through the listing agent.

FACT: All agents in the area have access to the MLS where a home’s information is entered. Any agent you work with is able to dig in to any listing to provide you more information. It’s best to find a buyer’s agent that is a good fit for you and understands your real estate goals. They can provide you information on any home you come across, and will be working diligently to view every home through your lens.


MYTH: I can’t work with my realtor friend because they work in a different area.

FACT: You have a good friend or family member that’s a real estate agent? Great! They work in a different area than where you’re buying or selling? Still great! Instead of finding a random agent on your own, ask your realtor friend to suggest someone that has a good reputation in the area you’re searching. You gain peace of mind that you’re in good, capable hands and your realtor friend that hooked you up gets a little chunk of money for referring them at NO cost to you. It’s a win-win!

Check back soon for more home buying myths and facts!

Contributed by: Rebecca Griffee. Rebecca is the Air Traffic Controller and a Broker with Nest Realty Asheville. With her experience as an agent, Rebecca is excited to play a role in the growth and success of the Nest team and their clients.

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