—  "Advertising moves people toward goods... Merchandising moves goods toward people" M. Hite—

Your home is the Good ... Staging is the Merchandising that creates the foundation for successful marketing

In 2007, we started Just Perfect! Home Staging in one of the worst housing markets the country had seen.  Even in this market, we saw our clients' homes outperforming their competition by leaps and bounds... we knew we were on to something!  Over the years, Just Perfect! has had the incredible opportunity to work on countless projects throughout southeastern North Carolina and we've seen that the success doesn't waiver, regardless of price range, size, style or market.  This compelled us to create a real estate group that utilizes staging as the foundation for each and every listing.  Why wouldn't we - when we've seen it work, hands down, consistently every time.

—  The Process  —

From the clients' perspective, our process is simple (in fact - there are only 3 steps that you'll actually see).  Behind the scenes, though, it's much more intricate and complex. Think of it like a Broadway show---you're sitting in the audience captivated by the performance, unaware of the organized chaos happening behind the curtain. This is done by design, by hiding the inner workings from view, it allows the audience to have a more enjoyable experience.    Like the cast and crew of the production, our team spends countless hours working like crazy to make your experience one that is easy, organized and brings you incredible results.  We partner with our award winning sister company, Just Perfect! Home Staging + More to make sure our clients start their selling process with the right foot (or in this case, feature) forward! 


Step 1: 

The consultation

After our listing appointment, we'll go out to your home and walk through it with you to learn all the ins and outs - your favorite things and the things you wish were different.  We'll pinpoint its features and make recommendations that will help position your home to receive top dollar.


Step 2:


The preparation

While we try to make the process as easy as possible, it doesn't mean there won't be any work.  Think of this part of the process as pre-packing.  While most of the time, you have to do all the hard stuff between contract and closing, our process splits it up. We have you do some of the heavy lifting on the front end, before your home ever goes on the market.  This not only makes your closing a piece of cake, but it's going to make your home so much more attractive!  Your hard work will be celebrated, and will certainly pay off!  (Do you happen to not live locally, or are you too busy and don't want to have to lift a finger?  No worries, we still have you covered!  We have service providers on speed dial that can handle any recommendation we'd ever make.) 

Step 3:

The magic happens

Once all of the preparation has been completed, the final step is the exciting part!  This is where we make your home shine!  We, along with the team at Just Perfect!, strategically and intentionally place every single piece of inventory to 1) capture attention online and compel buyers to schedule a showing 2) lead them through your home in a specific path that will show each room in its best perspective, and 3) allow them to connect with the home, encouraging them to start thinking about how their lives will look there.  Once they leave, the connection they felt with your home will stick with them.  If it doesn't make them immediately stop looking at anything else, at the very least it will be the one that they compare every other home that they see to.  This final step creates a platform for all of our other marketing to build off of. 

what's your home saying to buyers?

Staging creates an outline, we write the story.