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Our Story

Who we are + what led us to real estate


Who we are

We were born sisters, grew up to be best friends, and evolved into business partners.  

We grew up in Elon College, North Carolina and still often visit our parents on their farm in Burlington.  Jessica went to the College of Charleston and Rebecca went to the University of NC, Wilmington.  When Jessica wanted to be closer to family but still remain at the ocean, Rebecca convinced her Wilmington was a no brainer!  Jessica moved here to start Just Perfect! Home Staging + More, with the goal of introducing an invaluable service to the area and making a lasting impact on its real estate industry.  After working with her for a couple years, Rebecca and Jessica partnered up and have been building their brand(s) and business(es) ever since.  

Things we care about:      We... Love our family more than anything.  Have a passion for business and marketing.   Believe in continuously learning, improving and evolving.  Aim to help others as much as we can.  Treat food as more of an experience than function for survival.   Adore the town we live in and everything it has to offer.  Have a habit of telling everyone when we find something we love... Do you have a Nespresso yet?  Here's why you should be a Mac person, or at least try it.  And did you hire Full Circle?  Just kidding --- we'll let our clients tell you about that.

In business, we hope our passion and enthusiasm flows over to our clients.  While we're very professional, we take a friendly approach to business and want our clients to always feel comfortable with us and with our process.  We have fun with what we do, and when you work with us, you'll often find us giddy with excitement about a project, and finishing each others sentences as ideas start flowing.   We take a personal approach with every client, giving them 100%, the same experience and care that we would hope for if we were in their shoes. We're going through this journey together as a team.  We also are very open with our clients about each step in the process so... while we're tactful in discussing sensitive topics - we won't sugar coat things that are important for you to know and understand.  We truly care about each client and seeing them reach their goals is why we are in business.   

"there's got to be a better way"

What led us into the real estate industry

After working in the real estate industry for almost ten years from the side of home staging, we had heard and seen it all.  Whether its was from the client perspective, the agent perspective, the builder perspective or maybe a related tradesperson or service provider, we experienced every aspect of a very wide variety of real estate transactions.  We saw the challenges and struggles that came up as well as the strengths and triumphs.  All the while, we're thinking to ourselves...there's got to be a better way!  One symptom of being entrepreneurs is that when we see a need and feel we can provide a solution, its hard to resist the temptation to fill that need.  Unintentionally, we had been crafting the Full Circle Experience through study and observation since the day we started Just Perfect!. We knew there were lots of things that worked in real estate but saw them often done half-way or without consistency.  We felt compelled to enter the real estate industry to offer a comprehensive service for our clients - combining marketing, technology, communication, systems, hard work, analytics and a smile - that provided real results.    

We were excited to find a firm that mirrored our values and placed the same importance on marketing and staying ahead of the curve that we always had.  We joined Nest Realty and find that the transition into the sales side of real estate has been one of the best moves we've made.  We are still very proud of Just Perfect!, which runs independently from our real estate team, but what we can achieve for our clients when we combine all of our resources has been incredible.  We have loved being able to help people with the entire life cycle of their home... and have seen time after time, the magic that happens when clients embrace the full circle experience.  

Our teaM


jessica piroNe, broker + BEHIND THE SCENES



Michael escobar, photographer


allison pflumm, graphic Designer



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