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—  “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit." aristotle  —

Our clients aren't lucky, they repeatedly follow an intentional process that works. 

Their success is a result of a consistent, strategic system that we know and follow because it works. We don’t do this for some houses, we do this for all houses… in Aristotle’s words, we’ll call it a strategic habit.  For us, selling isn't a possibility, a hope, or a goal - it's a fact.

—  The Full circle experience  —

When you sell your house with us, you will feel comfortable and confident knowing that you’re in good hands.  You’ll be listened to and your goals understood.  You’ll be provided with honest, upfront, straightforward feedback and information so that educated decisions can be made throughout the process.  You’ll be supported every step of the way.  You’ll never be pressured - we are working on your timeline, at least in the preparation stage.  We can do this because our process works, no matter when it starts. So, if you have to go out of town unexpectedly, and the timeline has to be adjusted, it’s not going to prevent you from reaching your goals.  This is all in an effort to keep the process and experience easy and simple, with as little disruption as possible to your daily life.  You’ll be excited and proud when your home is presented to the market.  You’ll never feel alone - because you know you have a team on your side.  Your best interests will be the center of all decisions.  You’ll be championed and cheered on, and we'll celebrate together as we reach your goal! Our sincerest hope is that your #FullCircleExperience will be one that you enjoy and can’t wait to tell others about!  

—  Our Approach  —

For us, real estate is a business - it’s one that we take very seriously, and are very passionate about.  We treat each property as an individual product and each is marketed as such.  We have a system that we follow because it works, however it’s not cookie cutter and is regularly evolving and being tweaked with the ever changing market and buyers.  We believe every homes needs are different so we market them accordingly.  You may not see a ton of our signs around, mainly because they don’t last long.  We don’t take listings just to have them, or to have a sign in a yard.  We work with you because you want to sell your house, and that’s what we do.  We also believe that selling real estate can and should be a positive, enjoyable experience.  We have received feedback and insight from every possible party involved in real estate transactions, and have compiled all of it to create our approach to real estate. We are excited for each and every opportunity we have, and jump on each new listing with intensity.  We approach our relationship with our clients as a partnership.  Our team approach maximizes the strengths of everyone that works with us.  We aim to bring you a smooth, effective experience from start to finish. In a nut shell, our full circle approach is business-minded, team-based, client-centric, results-oriented and marketing-focused.


We sell houses.  Our homes consistently sell faster and for more than the rest of the market.  Our entire process is focused around and fine tuned to do this as quickly and profitably as possible.  If you're just looking for someone to list your house, we may not be the right team for you.  When we work together, whether or not your home will sell won’t be a question. 


100% of our listings sell


days on market | Our Average : 15 | Market Average : 108

Maximum days: 43  |  Minimum Days: 1

Our clients receive an average of 8% higher sales price than comparable properties.


—  When Is the best time to sell?  —

According to our research, while activity varies, a similar number of closings take place throughout each quarter.  So we believe, the best time to sell is when YOU are ready.  If you're reading this, you're at least thinking about selling, so the best time to talk to us is NOW!  We promise, we won't pressure or rush you.  Talking on the front end will help prepare you for selling your home, arm you with information,  and guide you so that when the time comes, you'll be comfortable, prepared and confident.


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Each home we sell is more than a transaction. It's unique, individual and impactful to our clients' lives